Game Posture On

Not only does Sayl have a forward-pitched seat, its contoured seat pad is engineered with injection-molded foam that won’t lose its shape even after a long sit.

Ergonomic Excellence in Gaming

Together with Logitech G, we’re here to scientifically advance the way you play.

Ergonomic Excellence in Gaming
From the Eameses’ iconic designs to the groundbreaking Aeron Chair, we’ve spent more than 100 years perfecting the science of sitting. Now we’re bringing years of innovation, research and scientific discoveries to the world of gaming.
The full set-up from Herman Miller and Logitech G together, including the Embody Gaming Chair, the Nevi Gaming Desk and Ollin Monitor Arm, with additional gaming accessories – all in front of a built-in bookshelf in a residential setting.

Collaboration is at the heart of our DNA. From product designers to medical specialists, we’ve always worked with experts to help us create the best designs possible. That’s why we’ve partnered with Logitech G.

Our design legacy, combined with their innovation in gaming technology, bringing you some of the world’s most advanced gaming products.