Aeron Gaming Chair

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Chair Size Medium BMedium B
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Total Height: 950 -1080 mm
Total Depth: 598 mm
Total Width: 658 mm
Width Inside Arms: 470 mm
Back Rest Height: 530 mm
Seat Height: 450 - 580 mm
Seat Pan Width: 514 mm
Seat Depth: 462 mm
Base Diameter: 719 mm
Cylinder Height: High
Maximum Warrantied Weight: 159 kg

Total Height: 998 - 1128 mm
Total Depth: 664 mm
Total Width: 695 mm
Width Inside Arms: 498 mm
Back Rest Height: 561 mm
Seat Height: 463 - 593 mm
Seat Pan Width: 542 mm
Seat Depth: 502 mm
Base Diameter: 719 mm
Cylinder Height: High
Maximum Warrantied Weight: 159 kg

Product Details

Two Sizes
Fully Adjustable Arms
PostureFit SL
8Z Pellicle
Tilt Limiter & Forward Seat Angle
Hard Floor/Carpet Wheels
No Assembly Required

Care and Maintenance

To maintain quality, please follow the cleaning and care procedures outlined here.

View Full Care and Maintenance Instructions

Warranty and Service

Warranty Covers: 12 Years, 24-Hour Usage

Environmental Highlights

Aeron is made up of at least 52% recycled materials and is up to 91% recyclable at the end of its life.

View Chair Recycling Guide

Adjusting Aeron

Fine-tune the chair into a highly personalised fit that gives you exceptional support – whether you're leaning forward in the zone or taking a break in a nice recline.

A close-up video of a person’s hand adjusting the BackFit on a black Embody Gaming Chair.

Pull the arms up when you want support; place them at their lowest setting when you’d rather they slide under your desk; pull them in when you want a cushion; or move them to the side if they’re in the way.

A close-up image of the side of the Embody Gaming Chair with a person adjusting seat height mechanism.
Forward Tilt

To position the chair forward, lean back and rotate the knob beneath the seat on the left side forward. For a reclined posture, lean back in the chair and rotate the lever back all the way.

Two cols - Image Right
Tilt Tension

Reach beneath the chair and grab the knob with a long stem on the right side. To increase the tension, sit in the chair and turn the knob backward. To decrease the tension, turn the knob forward.

Our products are assembled in the USA with durable, sustainable materials.

An Aeron Gaming Chair, shown from the side, in a testing machine at the Herman Miller manufacturing site.
Enduring Design

You won't have to replace Aeron every few years. We rigorously test each and every one of our products, which means they’re built to last.


How is this chair different from the original Aeron?

Ergonomically, Aeron for Gaming has all the same features as the original Aeron. The gaming version is available in a dark black to better complement your gaming set-up. If you’d like to shop additional colour options, head to the Aeron page here.

Why doesn’t the chair have a headrest? Can I add one?

Aeron’s ergonomic design promotes proper posture, so you don’t need a headrest. Once you play in it, we're confident you won’t miss it in the slightest. 

Why is there no lumbar pillow?

A well-designed chair doesn’t need one! Aeron has lumbar and sacral support built right in.

Can I get this chair in any other colours?

You can head over here to look at the colour options for the original Aeron Chair.

Does the chair support LightSync?

It doesn't, but we're excited to keep updating our gaming products. Be sure that you're signed up to our newsletter to be the first to hear about future gaming updates.

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